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STBL Part 5: Happy New Delay!

So yeah...a delay was probably expected due to the holidays, but things got out of hand more than I would have expected -_- Let's get to work. We'll look at the Duel Terminal themes and exclusives later.

First, we have Chain Dog:

This card cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster, except for the Synchro Summon of a Beast-Type monster. If you control 2 face-up Beast-Type monsters, you can Special Summon this card from the Graveyard. If this card is Special Summoned this way, remove it from play when it is removed from the field.

Chain Dog has a Condition that prevents its use as a Synchro Material in certain cases. Other than that, it has an Ignition Effect Controlling the two Beast-type monsters isn't just an activation requirement, they must remain on the Field until the effect resolves. After that, it sets a Condition on itself that will Remove it from Play once it leaves the Field, much like Plaguespraeder Zombie. This Condition can be removed by flipping Chain Dog face-down.

Next, we have Wightmare:

While it is in the Graveyard, this card's name is treated as "Skull Servant". You can discard this card to activate 1 of the following effects: ● Select 1 of your removed from play "Skull Servant" or "Wightmare", and return it to your Graveyard. ● Select 1 of your removed from play "The Lady in Wight" or "King of the Skull Servants", and Special Summon it.

Wightmare has a Continuous Effect to change its effect while in the Graveyard, similar to Harpie Lady. If it is negated by Wattsquirrel, its name will be Wightmare in the Graveyard. Then, it has two different Ignition Effects, and both discard this Card as a cost. The first effect targets one of your Removed from Play monsters and returns it to the Graveyard. Remember this isn't considered to be "sending" them to the Graveyard. The second effect targets one of your Removed from Play monsters and Special Summons it.

Then, we have Anarchist Monk Rashin:

When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard by your opponent's card (including by battle, card effect, or by being destroyed), select 1 monster in your opponent's Graveyard and remove it from play.

Rashin has a Mandatory Trigger Effect that you activate when it's sent to the Graveyard by your opponent. It targets an opponent's Monster Card in the Graveyard.

And then, we have Delg the Dark Monarch:

When this card is Normal or Special Summoned, you can select up to 2 cards in your opponent's Graveyard, remove them from play. Then send the same number of cards from the top of their Deck to the Graveyard. During the turn it is Normal or Special Summoned, this card cannot attack.

Delg first has an Optional Trigger Effect activated upon its successful Summon. It can be negated by Pulling the Rug or Swallow Flip accordingly. It targets up to two Cards in the opponent's Graveyard. Then, it sends the same number of Cards from the top of the opponent's Deck to the Graveyard. These two actions are not considered to be simultaneous, so an effect like Cyber Ouroboros would miss the timing. Also, Delg has a Continuous Effect that prevents it from attacking during the turn it's Summoned. Being a Continuous Effect, this can be negated.

We then have two more Fusion Monsters that use Synchro Monsters as their Fusion Materials, one is Supreme Arcanite Magician:

1 Spellcaster-Type Synchro Monster + 1 Spellcaster-Type monster
This monster can only be Special Summoned by Fusion Summon (from the Extra Deck). When this card is Fusion Summoned, place 2 Spell Counters on it. This card gains 1000 ATK for each Spell Counter on it. Once per turn, you can remove 1 Spell Counter from your side of the field to activate one of the following effects:● Select 1 card on the field, and destroy it.● Draw 1 card.

Arcanite has a Summoning Condition that restricts you from how to Summon it from the Extra Deck. Then, it has a Mandatory Trigger Effect to place two Spell Counters on it, much like the Synchro version of Arcanite Magician. This effect is activated upon its successful Special Summon, so it can be negated by Swallow Flip. It then has a Continuous Effect that gives it an ATK bonus. Furthermore, it has two Ignition Effects, of which you can only activate one per turn. Removing a Spell Counter on your side of the Field is a cost to activate it. The first effect targets any Card on the Field and destroys it. The second effect allows you to draw a Card.

The other Fusion Monster is Gaia Drake, the Universal Force:

1 "Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth" + 1 non-Effect Synchro Monster
This card cannot be targeted by, or destroyed by, the effects of Effect Monsters.

Gaia has two Continuous Effects. One prevents it from being targeted by Monster Effects, and the other prevents it from being destroyed by Monster Effects. It's self explanatory, mostly. A common question about Gaia is its interaction with Summoner of Illusions. If Summoned by that monster's effect, Gaia will not be destroyed during the End Phase.

Now let's look at some Spell Cards, starting with Koa'ki Ring:

Reveal 1 "Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru" in your hand to select 1 face-up monster on the field. Destroy that monster, and both players take 1000 damage.

Koa'ki Ring reveals an Iron Core as a cost and targets a face-up monster. Then, it destroys the target monster and inflicts 1000 points of damage. The destruction and the damage is simultaneous, similar to Ring of Destruction.

Next, we have Darkworld Shackles:

The equipped monster cannot attack, and its ATK and DEF become 100. During each of your Standby Phase, inflict 500 damage to the controller of the equipped monster.

Shackles has two Continuous Effects, one prevents the equipped monster from attacking, and the other forces the ATK/DEF values of the monster to become 100. Additionally, it has a Trigger-like effect that inflicts damage to the controller of the monster.

Then, we have Axe of Fools:

The equipped monster gains 1000 ATK and its effect(s) is negated. During each of your Standby Phases, the controller of the equipped monster takes 500 damage.

Axe of Fools has two Continuous Effects. One provides an ATK bonus, and the other negates the effects of the equipped monster. You can equip this Card to a Normal Monster or a Monster whose effects are already negated by Forbidden Chalice or a similar Card. You can also equip this Card to Gearfried the Iron Knight and it wouldn't be destroyed. Much like Darkworld Shackles, it also has a Trigger-like effect to inflict damage.

Moving on, we have Cursed Bill:

When the equipped monster is destroyed and this card is sent to the Graveyard, inflict damage to the player who controlled the equipped monster, equal to the monster's original DEF.

Cursed Bill has a Trigger-like effect activated when the monster is destroyed, and this Card is sent to the Graveyard as a result. It inflicts damage. It's a simple effect.

Then, we have Tokkosho of Ghost Destroying:

When the equipped monster inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you can select up to 2 monsters in your opponent's Graveyard, and remove them from play.

Tokkosho has a Trigger-like effect that you activate at the time you inflict Battle Damage After Damage Calculation. It targets the monsters that it will Remove from Play.

And then, we have Heat Wave:

This card can only be activated at the start of Main Phase 1. Neither player can Normal or Special Summon an Effect Monsters, until your next Draw Phase.

Heat Wave has the same activation timing as Cold Wave, at the beginning of your Main Phase 1. In order to activate its effect with Diamond Dude, you would also need to activate it at that time. Neither player can place these monsters on the Field manually. Effect Monsters become illegal targets for Effects that would Special Summon them to the Field, and cannot be Normal or Special Summoned with Effects that don't target them either. You can still Set them from your Hand manually or Flip Summon them. Gemini Monsters cannot be Normal Summoned from the Hand or while already on the Field, but they can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard (as they are Normal Monsters there).

The last Spell Card in the set is White Elephant's Gift:

Send 1 face-up non-Effect monster you control to the Graveyard to draw 2 cards.

Sending a monster to the Graveyard is a cost, so you cannot activate Gift if Macro Cosmos is active. You also can't pay this cost with Tokens, as Tokens cannot be sent to the Graveyard as a cost. If you activate this Card's effect via Diamond Dude, you don't need to send a monster to the Graveyard.

As for the Trap Cards, we have Vanity's Emptiness:

Neither player can Special Summon monsters. Destroy this card when a card is sent from the Deck or the field to your Graveyard.

Emptiness has a Continuous Effect that prevents Special Summons. Additionally, it has a Trigger-like effect that will destroy Emptiness once a Card is sent to the Graveyard. If Vanity's Emptiness is activated in the middle of an Inherent Special Summon being negated (such as, in a chain to Royal Oppression while Cyber Dragon is Special Summoned by its Summoning Condition), Emptiness won't prevent the Special Summon from happening, as it was already initiated. But if you chain it to an effect that Special Summon, the Special Summon will be prevented.

Next, we have Different Dimension Ground:

This turn, any monster sent to the Graveyard is removed from play instead.

Ground sets a Condition that Removes from Play monsters that are sent to the Graveyard. Nothing too complicated. It follows the same rules as Dimensional Fissure

Then, we have Powersink Stone:

Each time a monster effect is activated, place 1 Spellstone Counter on this card (max. 2). While this card has 2 Spellstone Counters, face-up monsters on the field cannot activate their effects, and their effects are negated. During each End Phase, remove all Spellstone Counters on this card.

Stone has a Continuous Effect that allows it to gain Spellstone Counters, and a Continuous Effect that allows it to hold them. Spellstone Counters are gained after the Monster Effect resolves, but Stone has to be face-up upon its activation and resolution. If Stone has its effects negated, it will lose all Spellstone Counters on it. It has a third Continuous Effect that prevents effects from being activated and negates Continuous Effects. Finally, it has a Trigger-like effect that removes all of the Spellstone Counters on the Card.

Moving on, we have Tyrant's Temper:

Tribute 1 monster to activate this card. All face-up monsters on the field that you own are unaffected by other Trap Cards.

Tributing a monster is a cost to activate this Card. Temper will protect all monsters on the Field that you won from the effects of Trap Cards. Notice that monsters that you own, but which your opponent has taken control of will also be protected.

And finally the last Card for today is Dark Trap Hole:

Activate only when your opponent Special Summons 2 or more monsters face-up. Send all of those monsters to the Graveyard. Then, send all monsters in the opponent's hand and Deck to the Graveyard that have the same name as either of those monsters.

Dark Trap Hole responds to a successful Summon of 2 or more monsters that were Summoned simultaneously by the opponent. It sends the Summoned monsters to the Graveyard, then it sends all of the copies of those monsters in the Hand, Deck and Extra Deck to the Graveyard. These actions are not considered to be simultaneous. If only one monster is on the Field when this Card resolves, then that monster is still affected by this Card.

Well, that's all of Starstrike Blast for today. Hopefully we'll be done soon Q_Q If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail at ness00[at]gmail[dot]com.

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