Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DREV Part 7: Importing revolts

As usual, this new set includes some imported Cards from the OCG, as well as some Cards from the DT01 set that still lack a reprint. There's also one TCG exclusive we haven't reviewed yet.

The first one being D.D. Destroyer:

When this card on the field is removed from play, you can select 1 face-up card your opponent controls and destroy it.

D.D. Destroyer has an Optional Trigger Effect. It targets a face-up Card, which must remain face-up until the effect resolves in order to destroy it.

As for the imports, we have Fabled Raven:

Once per turn, you can discard any number of cards from your hand and increase the Level of this card by the number of discarded cards, until the End Phase. This card also gains ATK equal to the number of discarded cards x 400, until the End Phase.

Raven has an Ignition Effect. Discarding Cards is not a cost, meaning it worlds with Dark World monsters. Discarding is also considered to be simultaneous with the ATK and Level gain, so it doesn't create timing issues either.

Next, we have Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator:

Once per turn, you can discard 1 card from your hand to return Spell/Trap Cards from the field to the hand equal to the number of face-up Tuner monsters on the field.

Cyclone Creator has an Ignition Effect too, only this time the discard is indeed a cost. The effect doesn't target. The number of Tuners are counted when the effect resolves, but you can't activate the effect if there are more Tuners than Cards to return at the time the effect would be activated.

We also have Stygian Street Patrol:

When this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the Level of the destroyed monster x 100. You can remove from play this card in your Graveyard to Special Summon 1 Fiend-Type monster with 2000 or less ATK from your hand.

Patrol's first effect is a Mandatory Trigger Effect that you activate at the End of the Damage Step. The damage is based on the monster's Level at the Graveyard. Patrol must remain face-up until the End of the Damage Step in order to activate its effect. The second effect is an Ignition Effect. Removing Patrol from Play is a cost, and it doesn't target. Note that a Fiend-type monster with "?" ATK cannot be Special Summoned, as it can't be recognized as lower than 2000.

There's a new batch of Flamvell Monsters, the first one being Flamvell Poun:

When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can select and add 1 monster with 200 DEF from your Deck to your hand.

Poun is your usual recruiter. It has an Optional Trigger Effect that you activate at the End of the Damage Step, and it doesn't target. The effect can't be activated if Thunder King Rai-Oh is face-up. Note that it's exactly 200 DEF, not lower.

Next, we have Flamvell Archer:

Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 face-up Pyro-Type monster you control to have all face-up "Flamvell" monsters on the field gain 800 ATK until the End Phase.

Archer has an Ignition Effect. Tributing a monster is a cost, and it doesn't target. Indeed, it affects all Flamvell monsters, including your opponent's.

The last Flamvell monster is Flamvell Fiend:
When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, inflict 200 damage to your opponent for each Pyro-Type monster in your Graveyard.

Fiend has a Mandatory Trigger Effect that you activate at the After Damage Calculation Sub-Step. You count the monsters when the effect resolves. In a probably very obvious note, do not get mixed up with the types of damage: Fiend has inflicted Battle Damage, but its effect inflicts Effect Damage. It does not increase the damage from the battle.

We also have some Genex support. One being Genex Worker:

You can Tribute this card to Special Summon 1 "Genex" monster from your hand.

Worker has a simple Ignition Effect. It doesn't target. There's not much else to say about it.

The other Genex is Genex Power Planner:

When this card is Normal Summoned, you can add 1 Level 3 "Genex" Effect Monster from your Deck to your hand.

Power Planer has an Optional Trigger Effect that you activate upon its Normal Summon. It can be negated by Pulling the Rug, and it can't be activated if Thunder King Rai-Oh is face-up.

We also have some Trap Cards, the first one being Miracle's Wake:

Select 1 monster that was destroyed by battle and sent to your Graveyard during this turn. Special Summon it.

People often compare it to Time Machine, because they find both Cards to be exactly the same. There are some slight differences. Wake targets the monster, while Time Machine doesn't. Time Machine must be activated at the End of the Damage Step, while Wake actually can't be activated during the Damage Step: It must be activated during the Battle Phase, Main Phase 2, or the End Phase of the turn. Finally, Wake can only Summon monsters you own, unlike Time Machine.

And finally, we have one of the most infamous Cards. That being Mystical Refpanel:

Activate only when a Spell Card that targets 1 player is activated. The effect of that Spell Card is applied to the other player instead.

Refpanel isn't very clear on which effects it can reflect. First of all, people seem to forget it only works with Spell Cards, for some reason. I wouldn't know why. One of the key requirements is that the effect must involve one, and only one player. This means that Cards like Upstart Goblin or Hand Destruction cannot be chained to by Refpanel, because they affect both players.

But probably the most important requirement is that the Spell Card must affect the player AND NOTHING ELSE. The effect must affect the player him/herself, that is to say, drawing and discarding Cards, affecting Life Points, or modifying a player's restrictions (like Hieroglyph Lithograph). It can't involve Cards on the Field, Deck, Graveyard, Extra Deck or RFG Zone as part of the effect. A simple way to put it is that the Spell Card must affect something that the player is currently "holding", be it the Hand or the Life Points.

One way to chop down the huge number of Spell Cards is that Refpanel doesn't work with Field, Ritual, Continuous, or Equip Spell Cards. That only leaves Quick-Play and Normal Spell Cards, and with its other restrictions, there's way under 100 Spell Cards that could be chained to, of which many are Forbidden or of very rare use (like The Inexperienced Spy or Pot of Greed).

Well, that's all for the exclusives of this set Q_Q

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